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An Introduction to Higher Education Internationalisation

An Introduction to Higher Education Internationalisation
titolo An Introduction to Higher Education Internationalisation
argomenti Educazione e pedagogia
collana Varia. Università
formato Libro
pagine 208
pubblicazione 2013
ISBN 9788834324455
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The Centre for Higher Education Internationalisation (CHEI) was initiated by UCSC in 2011 to stimulate the enhancement and understanding of the internationalisation process and activities of Università Cattolica. This publication is the result of its first Seminar and by that also its first publication.
The book is written by members of the Scientific Committee and Management Board of CHEI, and provides an informative introduction to the key issues and trends in higher education internationalisation in three parts. The first part deals with internationalisation, meaning and rationales, and includes three conceptual articles introducing the concept of internationalisation in the context of the global knowledge society we life in, as well as two chapters giving concrete examples of international strategies from Northern America. The second part deals with internationalisation of the curriculum and contains four chapters on different aspects of how to improve the internationalisation of our curriculum. In the final part of this book the focus is on internationalisation and Italian higher education. One chapter deals with the important question of how Italian employers value international education. Another chapter outlines a model of analysis of the drivers of inbound student mobility and considers the Italian case against other European countries. The third chapter discusses the current state of internationalisation at Università Cattolica within the context of higher education globalisation, indicating that to compete with outstanding universities at the global level, additional actions should be taken. The CHEI and this publication are intended to contribute to that objective.

Biografia dell'autore

Hans de Wit is Director of the Centre for Higher Education Internationalisation at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy. He is also Professor at the School of Economics and Management of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, University of Applied Sciences. He is the Co-Editor of the “Journal of Studies in International Education”. He has written several books and articles and is actively involved in assessment and consultancy in international education for organisations like the European Commission, UNESCO, World Bank, International Association of Universities and IMHE/OECD. His latest publication is: D.K. Deardorff, H. de Wit, J.D. Heyl, T. Adams, The SAGE Handbook of International Higher Education, 2012. In 2005-2006, he was a New Century Scholar of the Fulbright Program Higher Education in the 21st Century. He was a visiting scholar in the USA (1995, 2006) and in Australia (2002). He was Vice-President for International Affairs at the University of Amsterdam. He is founding member and past president of the European Association for International Education (EAIE). Currently he is a Member of the Board of Trustees of World Education Services (New York), and Member of the ESL TOEFL Board.


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