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Rational Beliefs Theory: A Review digital Rational Beliefs Theory: A Review
Anno: 2007
The Rational Beliefs Theory is founded on the observation that in most situations the same data may be rationally explained (in terms of a statistical model) in many different ways. This is obvious in a world where there is a limited number of observations. The novel idea of the Rational Beliefs Theory is to use a technical device (namely the concept of a non-stationary but stable measure) to formulate rational differences of opinion also in a world with «unlimited» data on the past performance of the economy. In this article we provide a non-technical introduction to the Theory of Rational Beliefs as well as a brief overview of the papers that have been written using this theory.
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Rational Beliefs and Bayesian Learning: A Note digital Rational Beliefs and Bayesian Learning: A Note
Anno: 2007
By means of an example, it is demonstrated how rational beliefs may be incorporated into a Bayesian learning model. The empirical distribution is learned over time and the subjective rational belief is modified accordingly.
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Learning to Coordinate whit Heterogeneous Belief-Formation digital Learning to Coordinate whit Heterogeneous Belief-Formation
Anno: 2005
Experiments show that players with identical information and objectives have heterogeneous behavior rules. We formulate how different beliefs arise from the same information and analyze how heterogeneous belief formation affects learning outcomes of two-person two-action coordination games. With heterogeneous belief formation, it is possible to generate enough diversity in actions for eventual coordination, which is impossible under the ordinary adaptive learning model. When each player uses the same function to compute a belief over time, diversity of belief formation functions within or across populations is suffcient for convergence to coordination. When players choose belief-formation functions as well as actions over time, diverse adjustment of belief-formation functions is suffcient. A risk-dominant equilibrium is more likely to emerge than a payoff-dominant equilibrium since the former is more likely to be predicted by the players.
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Optimal Exchange Rate Regimes: Sunspots, Currency Crises, and Welfare digital Optimal Exchange Rate Regimes: Sunspots, Currency Crises, and Welfare
Anno: 2004
In this two country OLG model there is a potential role for active governments since markets are incomplete. There are many coordinated policies (exchange rate regimes) that result in an optimal allocation if extrinsic uncertainty plays no role. However, if we take into account the possibility of sunspot equilibria, the set of optimal policies is drastically reduced. Whenever there is a possibility of influence by extrinsic uncertainty, one or both governments may seek to avoid this by intervening on the foreign exchange markets. When only one country does so, this may lead to a currency crisis, where the central bank is active and is with positive probability unsuccessful in its attempt to defend its currency. If the two countries form a monetary union, a coordinated fiscal policy is needed as a substitute for an optimal exchange rate regime.
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Ottocento anni di Cantico: un formidabile gesto innovatore
Un estratto dell'articolo di Teresa Bartolomei sul Cantico dei Cantici di San Francesco, dalla «Rivista del Clero Italiano».
Rimettere al centro del discorso la Cosa pubblica
Un'anteprima da "Salviamo la Cosa pubblica" di Paolo Gomarasca e Francesco Stoppa, per ritrovare l'anima smarrita delle nostre istituzioni.
A.J. Cooper: voce di una donna Nera del Sud
Un estratto da "Voce di una donna Nera del Sud" di Anna Julia Cooper, 2° volume della collana Donne in Sociologia.
Senza amore si contrae anche l'intelligenza
Un'anteprima del terzo volume delle Opere di PierAngelo Sequeri, "L'affidamento dell'Io".


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