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Partial least square path modelling and maximum entropy for the study of entrepreneurship education in naples university digital
Formato: Articolo | STATISTICA & APPLICAZIONI - 2019 - 1
Anno: 2019
Although successful entrepreneurship education (EE) is possible through the most effective way to manage teachable skills and competencies, there is no universal pedagogical recipe to teach entrepreneurship. This paper attempts to identify the most appropriate teaching methods and addresses the paucity of entrepreneurial outcomes on university experiences in EE. Using a survey of students at a Naples University, it attempts to advance our understanding of an entrepreneurship education program...
An italian validation of the job crafting scale: a short form digital
Formato: Articolo | STATISTICA & APPLICAZIONI - 2018 - 2
Anno: 2018
Research on job crafting is increasing nowadays. Job crafting has been studied in terms of a mediator variable useful to improve positive organizational behaviors, and it has crucial theoretical and practical implications. In order to facilitate its measurement in large surveys, in different settings, we aimed to develop a brief 12-item version, the Job Crafting Scale-Short Form (JCS-SF)...
Non-symmetrical correspondence analysis to evaluate how age influences the addiction discourses digital
Formato: Articolo | STATISTICA & APPLICAZIONI - 2017 - 1
Anno: 2017
The current paper aims to present the method of Non-Symmetrical Correspondence Analysis (NSCA) based on Emerson’s orthogonal polynomials, which takes into account, in efficient way, the ordinal structure of the data. The extension of NSCA is the so called Singly Ordered Non-Symmetrical Correspondence Analysis version (SONSCA), that, by taking into account the ordinal structure in the table, improving the interpretation ability of the analysis...
The analysis of the passenger satisfaction as a formative second-order construct
Formato: Articolo | STATISTICA & APPLICAZIONI - 2012 - 2
Anno: 2012
SUMMARY The aim of the paper is to define a new concept of global measure for the Passenger Satisfaction (PS), conceived as second-order latent variables (Henseler and Chin, 2010), and a new estimation approach to its measurement. This idea arises from theoretical and methodological limits of the existent models in correctly capturing the construct of satisfaction and the relationships with its subdimensions. The two main approaches to the estimation of higher-order constructs through the Partial Least Squares Path Modeling (PLS-PM) are presented: the so called Repeated Indicators and the Two-Step approaches. Some criticisms of these methodologies are highlighted and a solution to the issue of the identification of formative second-order constructs is suggested through the adoption of a Hybrid Two-Step approach for solving the presented PS case study. Three ways of modeling PS are then compared: a Base Model, where PS is measured as a traditional first-order construct, and two second-order models estimated, respectively, through the Repeated Indicators and the Hybrid Two-Step. Results are discussed. Keywords: Passenger Satisfaction, Second Order Latent Variables, Partial Least Squares Path Modeling, Hybrid Two-Step Approach.
The performance evaluation system of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies: an analysis of inspection activity
Formato: Articolo | STATISTICA & APPLICAZIONI - 2012 - 1
Anno: 2012
SUMMARY For several years it has become the practice of Public Administration quality assessment as part of the institutional activities carried out by offices to improve public services by monitoring the production process. The Ministry of Labour and Social Policies has adopted a system of ‘‘quality assessment’’ based on indicators selected as representative of the inspection carried out in decentralized offices. This scoring system – called Project Quality – is defined by three ‘‘synthetic indicators’’ determined periodically by the 92 Provincial Labour Directorates (in Italian: Direzioni Provinciali del Lavoro – DPL) operating in the country. It does indeed have a rating system that defines a ranking among the offices. This paper presents the results of the research in order to analytically describe the performance level with a different model and also suggesting the possible influence exerted by ‘‘local context variables’’, i.e., those relating to the geo-socio-economic differentials, in explaining the efficiency of inspection. The data are analyzed according to the variable inspection and local was formalized through a second-order structural equations model. Keywords: PLS Path-Modeling, Second Order Latent Variables, Performance Evaluation, Context Variables; Inspection Activity.
Restricted Co-Inertia Analysis: Uno strumento statistico per la valutazione della Patient Satisfaction digital
Formato: Articolo | STATISTICA & APPLICAZIONI - 2005 - Special issue
Anno: 2005
Aim of this paper is to show a statistical methodology which takes into account external information (linear constraints on the variables coefficients) available during a customer satisfaction analysis.


Silvano Petrosino a Soresina
"La cura dell'ambiente e l'abitare umano": l'appuntamento alla Biblioteca Comunale, domenica 23 ottobre.
Immigrati: il lungo viaggio dell'accoglienza
In occasione della Giornata Mondiale del Migrante e del Rifugiato, un percorso di lettura per approfondire il tema.
Addio a John W. O'Malley
L'11 settembre John W. O'Malley si è spento a Washington. Il nostro ricordo nei libri che ci lascia.
Pablo d'Ors a Torino Spiritualità
Due incontri con il sacerdote madrileno, sabato 1° ottobre, in occasione di Torino Spiritualità.


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