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The Winners and the Losers in the Great Recession Era and the Strategies of the European Institutions digital
Anno: 2020
The objective of the paper is the identification of the social, economic, demographic, national groups who have the perception of having been left behind after the Great Recession by the national and common institutions in Europe. To understand the origin of such disparities and the characteristics of the winners and the losers, we propose an overview of the evolution of income and wealth inequality during the Great Recession and, in particular, an evaluation of the polarization of income and wealth at the extremes of the distribution...
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The Rich and the Poor in the European Union and the Great Recession: Some Empirical Evidence digital
Anno: 2015
This paper proposes a theoretical framework of the factors that affect the gap between the rich and the poor in the European Union. It uses a twelve-year panel data set from 2002 to 2012 of 27 countries to determine the short-term effects of the macroeconomic performance, the level of household income inequality, and the social protection expenditure on the extremes of the income distribution, controlling for several structural factors of income disparity...
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Structural determinants of income inequality in the european union: evidence from a panel analysis digital
Anno: 2014
Understanding the reasons underlying income inequality has been the aim of much research in recent years. However, there are few structural investigations of the effects of the forces shaping the evolution of income inequality specifically between advanced economies...
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Investing in our Young People: Family Lives, Reconciliation Policies and Social Capital digital
Anno: 2009
Early childhood investment is of major importance in human and social capital theory, but can be a relevant issue even in policy making since there is evidence that an equity-efficiency trade-off does not exist for investments in very young people. Our analysis compares governments’ policies across OECD countries by three main dimensions: an overview of child well-being indicators and governments’ spending on children; a summary of different approaches to childcare policies for children 0-3 years of age; and a comparative analysis of the role of reconciliation policies between work and family responsibilities. The aim of this analysis is to contribute to a debate on investment in young children by posing some policy questions about the family role in childcare, the social responsibility in childrearing and the State auspices in increasing social capital formation through investment in young people and a more effective reconciliation between employment targets and family daily lives. Key words: Childhood investment, Childcare policies, Reconciliation policies, Family policies, Social capital formation. JEL Classification: I38, J13, J21, J22, J81, M14
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Indicatori di vulnerabilità economica e tenore di vita delle famiglie in Lombardia digital
Anno: 2006
The aim of this paper is the definition and measurement of the concept of vulnerability between families in a relatively high income region of Italy. Poverty tends to be a multi-dimensional concept and the use of monetary income as a single measure of welfare can be misleading. The concept of equality of living standards is a more correct definition, but it is far more elusive. Using a national poverty line as targeting for social policies might introduce inequality between regions and families who face different cost of living. Indicators of vulnerability can have significant advantages over income testing in the identification of eligibility rules to relieve immediate poverty and to prevent it in the longer term.
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La presentazione del libro di Luigi Alici
Venerdì 2 dicembre in Università Cattolica l'evento in occasione della pubblicazione di "Liberi tutti. Il bene, la vita, i legami".
MigraREport 2022: il seminario
Venerdì 2 dicembre in Università Cattolica, la presentazione del CIRMiB MigraREport 2022.
Onorevole ministra: la presentazione a Roma
Il 2 dicembre la presentazione del libro di Walter Ricciardi.
Cristianesimo: il coraggio di cambiare, con Halík
Tour italiano del teologo ceco autore di "Pomeriggio del cristianesimo", da Milano a Roma (dal 29 novembre al 2 dicembre).


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