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A Firm-level Analysis of the Italian Labor Share digital A Firm-level Analysis of the Italian Labor Share
Anno: 2015
The present paper analyzes the medium- and the short-run dynamics of the labor share in Italy adopting an unusual approach to the problem. We do notstudy the aggregate level, but analyze instead the labor shares of firms...
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On Labour Shares in Recent Decades: A Survey digital On Labour Shares in Recent Decades: A Survey
Anno: 2010
ABSTRACT We survey the rich literature studying the behaviour of labor shares in recent decades. To explain their dynamics – the main feature being the decline of European and American shares starting in the 1980s – such literature considers models that use either neoclassical or Leontief-type production functions, with both perfectly competitive markets and monopolistic competition coupled with bargaining between firms and workers. These empirical studies in general have produced results that are not very robust. However, they suggest that technical change has a negative and significant impact on the labor share. Evidence for a negative effect of globalization variables is clearly revealed for developing countries, whilst for advanced countries, this effect finds less support. Also, they show that product and labor market regulation issues have mixed effects on the labor share. An alternative to the econometric explanation of labor share is given in the final section. Key words: Factor shares, functional income distribution. JEL Classification: E24, E25.
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Is the pendulum swinging back? Policy and politics in the return of big government digital Is the pendulum swinging back? Policy and politics in the return of big government
Anno: 2009
In the era of «small government», policy was considered the right way to conceive the role of the state in society and in the economy. This was intended as a perspective able to reduce the room for politics, considered a (dangerous) clash of power and party interests, and ideology. Given the current return of «big government», how does one deal with the unavoidable return of politics? In this paper we construct a model showing that politics should be considered purposely in a rational setting, to support effective policy, insofar as the state and its activities need substantial consensus. Key words: Politics, policy-making, local public goods, redistributive policies, elections. JEL Classification: D72, H40, H11.
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La cultura cura: pedagogisti e progettisti in dialogo
Lunedì 15 aprile la presentazione del libro di Noemi Satta in Università Cattolica.
Comprendere e promuovere il terzo settore
Il 15 aprile alle 14:30 in Università Cattolica presentazione del libro di Lucia Boccacin, "Lineamenti di sociologia del terzo settore", un seminario su volontariato, no profit e ricadute sociali.
Cerco dunque credo a Castel Goffredo
Sabato 20 aprile Paola Bignardi presenta il suo libro all'Oratorio Don Bosco.
PerformA alla Casa della Psicologia
Il 16 aprile a Milano la presentazione del libro di psicologia dello sport di Lucia Bocchi, Flavio Nascimbene e Stefania Ortensi.


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