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La lezione di Arturo Dalmartello ai giuristi del nostro tempo digital La lezione di Arturo Dalmartello ai giuristi del nostro tempo
Anno: 2009
The great figure of Arturo Dalmartello is described through the words of Sergio Scotti Camuzzi. His attention is focused on one of the most relevant Darmatello’s works I contratti delle imprese commerciali, which represents a collection of the scholar’s university lessons. The author is interested in finding the essential Dalmartello’s teaching and in outlining the fundamental principle that led his researches and his work: the idea that the Right is not only the textual law, but also procedure, practice and process.
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Rileggendo «Recenti mutamenti nella struttura e nella gerarchia dell’impresa» di Luigi Mengoni digital Rileggendo «Recenti mutamenti nella struttura e nella gerarchia dell’impresa» di Luigi Mengoni
Anno: 2008
In Part I of this study the author reviews an «initial reading» of essays by Luigi Mengoni, putting them in their context and indicating the main contents. Readers are reminded that the part of Mengoni’s work commented on in this article dates back to 1958 and was written in an important historical moment for Italy as far as economic development was concerned. It was an age when heady ideals stimulating the social reconstruction of the nation, based on the new democratic and republican Constitution ratified in 1948, were rampant. The author identifies five topics Mengoni dealt with in this piece of research, namely: industrial capitalism, managerial capitalism, corporate social responsibility, constitutional economic order, «mitbestimmung». The commentator scrutinizes Mengoni’s analysis which indicates ownership or «proprietà» of companies, full management control over firms giving the power to fix objectives and relations with the market in particular with regard to relationship with labour, as crucial fields of research. In Part II of this study the present writer proposes an «updated reading» of Mengoni’s essay demonstrating that in changed current circumstances it still constitutes a valid, modern approach to the problems governing the regulation of the business sector and more generally speaking of the economy. During the actual financial capitalism phase these problems can still be explained and managed taking into account Mengoni’s analysis. However it appears evident that the conflict of interests is a new instrument and a sector of research which absolutely must not be underestimated. Mengoni’s updated analysis, re-examined in a contemporary context, underlines many critical points of law regulating the economy that legislators have so far failed to review and modify adequately. This factor is particularly relevant in the field of the market for the transfer of ownership of firms, of the role of the banks and of the regulations controlling the conflict of interests. Above all in this write-up it appears manifest that Mengoni’s work highlights, thus increasing our awareness, that neither labour nor rule of law are such as to be determined or conditioned in a predominant way by market mechanisms.
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Finanza etica ed etica della finanza. La «responsabilità sociale dell’impresa» nel settore della finanza digital Finanza etica ed etica della finanza. La «responsabilità sociale dell’impresa» nel settore della finanza
Anno: 2005
The author observes that also in the economic and financial circus, not only among the moral philosophers, it's spreading a growing interest for the ethical issue in the business proceedings. The old ethics of the «honest trader» moves towards the ethics of the «corporate social responsibility». Catholic Church's social doctrine and laic moral science agree with the criticism of the idea that business world is amoral (or that it is even per se moral). Most of the «failures of the market» come from immoral behaviours of the protagonists. Ethics of economic behaviours, and in particular of finance. Historical evolution of the ethical principles, starting from forbidding usury. Common Good, Reason of State and Reason of Business Enterprise in the time of globalisation. Inadequacy of «charity's ethics», of «no profit ethics» and of «sustainable development's ethics». The issue of conflict of interests and the pessimism of G. Rossi. What to do? Recall to the to the Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics. The direct social action, through the market. Learning of J. Stiglitz, A. Caloia, J.K. Galbraith. Exhortation to the «virtue» and to the reformism. Comment on the speech to the Parliament of the Governor of the Bank of Italy on Parmalat case. The law enforcement of the codes of self regulation. The rules of law are basic condition for economic development. The role of the rules of fair competition in a globalised economy. The main issue «conflict of interests». Arguments against mix of Bank and Securities Exchange Industry. Blame of the «universal bank». The rule of law as «ethical minimum», necessary for a peaceful society. Need to put ethical principles into technical and historically adequate terms.
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Tesi, progetti e utopie di una globalizzazione della democrazia e dei valori liberali digital Tesi, progetti e utopie di una globalizzazione della democrazia e dei valori liberali
Anno: 2003
Why the globalisation is not simply an internationalisation in progress, of trade and of investments and finance? No one economic phenomenon can rise rules (even if implied), by which it is shaped. The Author argues that the shape of the actual globalisation is illiberal, because the rules governing it are illiberal and they are not even useful to avoid the decline of the global market towards an oligopolistic one. The Author emphasises the influence of the WTO and remarks the non democratic creation of the rules. The Market and the Global Market Lords overpower the States and, therefore, the Politics declines. On the other hand, the Iraqi (and the Afghani) wars are the consequence of this kind of globalisation and have to be considered as a result of the imperialist view, and consciousness, of the US government. Coming to the «propositional part» of his speech, the Author indicates some principles and, on the basis of these principles, shows the solutions for some exemplary concrete problems: the problem of the water provision (which cannot be left to the business rules); the problem of the polluting licence obtained by paying money, etc.; the problem of the limits of the majority powers in any democratically organised social body, be it a national State, be it an international or a supernational organisation. At the end, the paper records the Nassiriya declaration as ab evidence of the need of the Primacy of the law in any State, whatever organised, and mentions the Encyclical letter of Pope Giovanni XXIII Pacem in terris as a declaration of the globalisation’s juridical principles. It is therefore required that ONU, popular parties, intellectual and Universities take the responsibility to giving to globalisation a human face.
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Antidoto ai dilemmi dell'umano: la letteratura
La recensione del libro di Manicardi "La passione per l'umano" a cura di Daniele, studente liceale in visita in casa editrice.
Rilanciare l'affido familiare: il convegno in Cattolica
Venerdì 14 giugno in Università Cattolica il convegno sui minori nel percorso di accoglienza familiare.
Senza amore si contrae anche l'intelligenza
Un'anteprima del terzo volume delle Opere di PierAngelo Sequeri, "L'affidamento dell'Io".
I giovani in solitaria ricerca di Dio, lontani dalla Chiesa
Le giovanni donne sempre più lontane, i giovani in solitaria ricerca, il dovere degli adulti di mettersi in ascolto: Paola Bignardi racconta il libro-inchiesta "Dio, dove sei?".


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