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The potential of the I(p) inequality curve in the analysis of empirical distributions digital
Formato: Articolo | STATISTICA & APPLICAZIONI - 2014 - 1
Anno: 2015
The possibility of analysing the inequality of a frequency distribution through a point measure is undoubtedly an advantage for any socioeconomic research. The Lorenz curve is the cornerstone on which other global inequality measures have been subsequently introduced...
The regression estimator in presence of ‘‘not at home’’
Formato: Articolo | STATISTICA & APPLICAZIONI - 2008 - 1
Anno: 2008
Being temporarily not at home can often cause the impossibility to give out a questionnaire to each selected unit of a sample; moreover, a high percentage of nonrespondents can strongly affect the quality of estimates. In order to solve this problem the ‘‘not at home’’ are usually called back until they become available; however, this methodology highly increases the costs of a survey. The main idea of this paper traces back to an estimation method early proposed by Politz and Simmons; in particular, a new estimator, based on the regression method, is proposed, so that the auxiliary information about the number of evenings spent at home by the units of the target population can be used. The proposed estimator is shown to be unbiased and more efficient than the one based only on the responses of the units being at home when first contacted. Moreover, unlike from the Politz-Simmons estimator, the variance of the proposed estimator can be easily determined and computed. Finally, in order to discuss the asymptotic properties of the regression estimator, the results of some simulations are reported; both the proposed estimator and the Politz-Simmons one turn out to be asymptotically unbiased; however, the regression estimator still proves to be more efficient.
Using the properties of the arithmetic mean for least squares interpolation
Formato: Articolo | STATISTICA & APPLICAZIONI - 2007 - 2
Anno: 2007
In the present paper some properties of the arithmetic mean have been employed to determine the parameters of the least squares line, plane and hyper plane, without using partial derivatives and solving the equations of the normal system. It is in fact known that when the criterion of least squares is used to identify an interpolating function, the solution to the problem is obtained via the search for the minimum of a function; therefore the use of partial derivatives becomes inevitable. Instead, the method here suggested allows the interpolating model - which is common to many economic and social subjects - to be presented to university students including those without any knowledge of partial derivatives.
Minimum sample sizes for confidence intervals for Gini’s mean difference: a new approach for their determination
Formato: Articolo | STATISTICA & APPLICAZIONI - 2007 - 1
Anno: 2007
The sample mean difference  is an unbiased estimator of Gini’s mean difference A. It is well known that  is asymptotically normally distributed (Hoeffding, 1948). In order to obtain confidence intervals for A,  must be standardized and hence its variance Var(Â) must be estimated. In this paper we study the effective coverage of the confidence intervals for A, when using a specific unbiased estimator ^ Var(Â) for the variance of Â, in a non-parametric framework. The empirical determination of the minimum sample size required to reach a good approximation of the nominal coverage is analyzed through a new approach. The reported results show that this threshold is critically related to the asymmetry and the tail heaviness in the underlying distribution.
Bipolar mean and mean deviation about the bipolar mean for discrete quantitative variables digital
Formato: Articolo | STATISTICA & APPLICAZIONI - 2006 - 1
Anno: 2006
In this paper, the bipolar mean, that can be seen as a frequencies distribution, has been extended to the discrete variables.
Bipolar mean for ordinal variables digital
Formato: Articolo | STATISTICA & APPLICAZIONI - 2005 - 1
Anno: 2005
This paper proposes, for ordinal variables, a new type of mean called bipolar mean, that is a frequency distribution with the total size n concentrated on one category or on two consecutive categories.
Dinamiche localizzative e insediative nell'area metropolitana milanese digital
Anno: 01/1994
€ 6,00
Migrazioni, migranti e migrazioni multiple digital
Anno: 07/1988
€ 6,00


Gregorini e Semeraro al Futura Expo
Il 4 ottobre Giovanni Gregorini e Riccardo Semeraro saranno ospiti al Futura Expo a Brescia per parlare di "Turismo 4.0".
Antonio Balsamo all'Università di Palermo
La presentazione di "Mafia. Fare memoria per combatterla", martedì 4 ottobre.
Un incontro sull'immigrazione dei minori
Lunedì 10 ottobre, "Costruire il futuro... con i minori stranieri non accompagnati" in Università Cattolica.
Dimmi cosa mangi e ti dirò chi sei
Intervista a Patrizia Catellani e Valentina Carfora, autrici di "Psicologia sociale dell'alimentazione", per capire meglio le nostre scelte alimentari.


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