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The Politicity of Netflix: Opportunities and Contradictions of Digital Distribution through the Case of Sulla Mia Pelle novitàdigital
formato: Articolo | COMUNICAZIONI SOCIALI | Online First
Anno: 2021
This article looks at the increasingly central role played by Netflix, global leader in subscription video on demand (SVOD) television, as producer and distributor of original films, and the implications that this has for national film industries. The article applies a theoretical framework rooted in political-economy and combines it with studies of contemporary Italian political cinema. In terms of methodology, the article relies on case study analysis, and focuses one specific country, Italy, and one relevant film production, Sulla Mia Pelle/On My Skin (2018, dir. Alessio Cremonini)...
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“Scrivetemi come parlate” Il divo televisivo Mario Riva e la rubrica di posta dei lettori sulle pagine de “Il Musichiere” novitàdigital
formato: Articolo | COMUNICAZIONI SOCIALI | Online First
Anno: 2021
“Il Musichiere” is a 1950s magazine inspired by Garinei and Giovannini’s TV show of the same name. From the very first issue, it includes a readers’ column edited by Mario Riva: “Scrivetemi come parlate”. This column represents an interesting and unknown source that might be useful in understanding and analyzing new aspects of early Italian television stardom...
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Self-Reflexive Suspense: The Music of Bernard Herrmann and Pino Donaggio in Brian De Palma’s Thrillers novitàdigital
formato: Articolo | COMUNICAZIONI SOCIALI | Online First
Anno: 2021
It is known that film director Brian De Palma has a recognizable style which may be called mannerist, virtuosic, and operatic, and his narrational mode is often self-reflexive. De Palma’s thrillers are rich in music, which helps connoting the sequences and making meanings. Following a neoformalist approach, this article aims at demonstrating how music contributes to De Palma’s self-reflexivity, in that it is often used intertextually...
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Towards the Platformization of (Social) Media Memory: Articulating Archive, Assemblage, and Ephemerality digital
formato: Articolo | COMUNICAZIONI SOCIALI | Online First
Anno: 2021
Although the platformization process has been intensively studied, a better understanding is needed of how it has affected media dynamics such as the formation of media memory. The original contribution of this paper to the research field is, thus, to highlight the interrelatedness of issues, such as media memory, social media, and the platformization process that are usually considered independently. To achieve this, three theoretical frameworks ‒ media and memory, social media logic, and platformization ‒ will be bridged by means of the platformization of cultural production of Nieborg and Poell with the aim of analysing the case study of the Festival di Sanremo, chosen because of its relevance to the Italian mediascape, Italian cultural memory, and social media presence. The argument will demonstrate that the ongoing process of platformization of media memory is operating in three dimensions: archive, assemblage, and ephemerality. The analysis of the case proposed will also help to highlight the fact that the platformization process is not an unavoidable end, but that there are margins of resistance to it adopting digital platforms connected to mainstream social media ones though independent of them. Issues left open are the governance and the responsibility for custody of media memories, the risk of a fragmented use of archived contents, the decontextualization of media memories, their (mis)appropriation, manipulation, hegemonic selection, and the threat that media memory may become a commodity, reactivated only when necessary and at the mercy of social media platforms’ policies.
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“Scusi, chi ha fatto palo?” Continuità e disruption del calcio su internet in Italia: dalle iptv ‘pirata’ a dazn digital
formato: Articolo | COMUNICAZIONI SOCIALI | Online First
Anno: 2021
In the current and complex landscape of on-demand platforms, Internet-distributed television and catalogs focused on niches, the circulation of live and prized sports content seems to know relevant paradoxes. This essay explores the specific transition of live football competitions from broadcast to broadband in Italy. Starting from the informal media spectrum developed by scholars Lobato and Thomas, new sports-oriented OTTs (e.g. DAZN) and broadcaster’s subsidiaries will be analyzed together with unauthorized IPTVs and live-streaming pirate websites during the sport season 2018/19...
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Giovani e pandemia
Venerdì 14 maggio a Padova presentazione del libro "Niente sarà più come prima" curato da Paola Bignardi e don Stefano Didonè
Madre è chi cura: la storia di Eva Feder Kittay
In "La cura dell'amore" c’è la testimonianza in prima persona dell’autrice, il racconto del suo essere madre.
La porta dell’autorità
Anteprima del nuovo libro di Magatti e Martinelli, "La porta dell’autorità", dedicato ai padri, alle madri, ai maestri, a chi guida e apre le future generazioni.
Le mamme e il magnifico segreto
Per la festa della mamma condividiamo un piccolo estratto dal libro "Generare è narrare" di Sonnet, dedicato al "magnifico segreto".


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