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AEGYPTUS - 2018 - 1

digital AEGYPTUS - 2018 - 1
Fascicolo digitale
Fascicolo 1 - 2018
Titolo AEGYPTUS - 2018 - 1
Editore Vita e Pensiero
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Fascicolo annuale del 2018


Un nuovo titolo iniziale nella collezione ercolanese e un nuovo libro (del trattato) sul Sole di Demetrio Lacone (P.Herc. 177)
di Graziano Ranocchia pagine: 34 € 6,00
Differently than what has formerly been suggested, P.herc. 177 preserves the initial, not the final, title of a roll. Besides, the author of the work it transmits is not Philodemus, but Demetrius Laco. Finally, its subject is not geometrical, but astronomical. P.herc. 177 probably belongs to the same treatise as P.herc. 1013, which was devoted to the Epicurean discussion concerning the Sun and of which these papyri might represent two different books.
Fra «protagonismo del demonico» e «diacosmesi in fieri»: in margine a un recente libro sul Papiro di Derveni
di Walter Lapini pagine: 33 € 6,00
V. Piano’s book, Il Papiro di Derveni tra religione e filosofia, Firenze 2016, presents considerable weaknesses and misunderstandings in the reconstruction of P.Derveni coll. 0-Vi, and of specific lines of the following columns, not only in terms of constitutio textus but also in terms of grammatical, theoretical and stylistic analysis. The author of the paper is in strong disagreement with previous reviews of Piano’s volume.
Osservazioni su tre ἱππικά di P.Mil.Vogl. VIII 309 (73, 75, 77 A.- B.)
di Federico Vannini pagine: 16 € 6,00
This paper is an updated critical edition with commentary of three of Posidippus’ of Pella epigrams (73, 75 and 77 A-B). The revision of the text of these poems has been obtained by means of a new reading of P.Mil.Vogl. Viii 309 (the papyrus containing the epigrams) by the multispectral images of its editio princeps, through the comparison between the editio princeps and the following works of the scholars and by formulation of new proposals. Moreover, is provided a new italian translation.
Towards the Hiatus in Metrodorus and the Assignment of Some Papyri to His Work
di Kilian Fleischer pagine: 6 € 6,00
The article discusses for the first time the use of hiatus in some papyri (P.herc. 255, 418, 1084, 1091, 1112) which have been assigned to Metrodorus (Spinelli/1986) and are not included in Mcosker’s recent study on hiatus in Epicurean authors (2017). There are several undeniable or likely cases of hiatus in these papyri. This supports the two hypotheses that the papyri are from a Metrodorian work (Spinelli) and that Metrodorus was not concerned with avoiding hiatus at all (Mcosker).
Esegesi al Vangelo di Matteo nella testimonianza di un papiro Michigan del III-IV d.C.
di Marco Stroppa pagine: 13 € 6,00
This second edition of a fragment written on both sides, from the 3rd-4th cent. AD (first edition: R. CALDWELL and n. LiTinAS, «ZPE» 183, 2012, pp. 227-233), offers a new transcription of the text on the verso: it is an exegetical work on the Gospel of Matthew with lemmata and interpretamenta (Mt 22, 21-35). it shares with commentaries (hypomnemata) literary features of high cultural level, especially the scholarly abbreviations, a well-defined system found for the first time in a Christian text.
I papiri greci di medicina come fonti storiche: il caso dei rapporti dei medici pubblici nell’Egitto romano e bizantino
di Nicola Reggiani pagine: 24 € 6,00
The article deals with the small corpus of the Greek medical reports on papyrus, considered as historical sources of information on administrative processes and transformations in Roman and Byzantine Egypt. in fact, they attest to both changes in the local administrations during the centuries A.D. and the mechanics of documentary bureaucratic routines.
Riedizione di SB I 5220 ed editio princeps del suo recto
di Gabriella Messeri pagine: 12 € 6,00
The essay presents the new edition of the text written on the verso of a papyrus from hawara, published by A.h. Sayce in 1889 = SB i 5220. The text of SB 5220, in spite of so many improvements in reading compared with the ed. pr., is still incorrect and largely incomprehensible. The current re-edition offers a complete text which proves to be of great interest for the new information on the topography of the Arsinoite’s metropolis. The edition of the text written on the recto is also provided: two columns of a fiscal register ordered according to the districts of the Arsinoite’s metropolis have been preserved.
Due ostraca vaticani da Siene-Elefantine
di Rosario Pintaudi, Agostino Soldati pagine: 4 € 6,00
The article offers the edition of two Greek ostraca of the Roman period kept in the Museo Gregoriano Egizio of Vatican City.
Lessico familiare nei papiri greci dell’Egitto romano e bizantino: alcune considerazioni su ἀμμά
di Eleonora Angela Conti pagine: 13 € 6,00
The aim of this paper is to investigate the child’s word amma, which has been sometimes misunderstood in papyrological evidence. in particular, i submit a systematic analysis of all kind of evidence of the term, papyrological, epigraphic and literary. Furthermore, i will focus on some private letters on papyrus: the analysis of their context can be useful to solve some doubts about this term.
Stoffe, telai, tessitori e tasse: correzioni a papiri e ostraca
di Bianca Borrelli pagine: 11 € 6,00
The article presents some corrections to Greek papyri and ostraca concerning different aspects of the textile industry: 1) observations on the abbreviation ισ( ) for ἱστός/ἱστεῖον/ἱστέων in P.Tebt. iii 1077 descr., BGU Vi 1359-1363 and XiV 2456, o.Bodl.i 77 and 85, o.Stras. i 17 and 23, P.Rein. ii 122-123, SB XVi 12778; 2) correction to P.Erasm. i 5, 1, giving a new probable attestation of the τεσσαρακοστὴ ἐρεῶν; 3) corrections to P.Bon. 35, list of names with trades, mainly concerning the textile industry.
Osservazioni su un’abbreviazione di χιτών
di Lucia C. Colella pagine: 3 Scarica
Notes on an abbreviation of χιτών, with corrections on three documentary papyri: P.Princ. ii 27 verso, SB XVi 12515, ii 41 e P.oxy. iV 739.
Il sacrificio di cani nei papiri greci, demotici e copti. Osservazioni in margine a PSI XI 1214
di Anna Sofia pagine: 12 € 6,00
Starting from the pharmakeia’s scene depicted in PSI Xi 1214, fr. a – a piece of ancient Sicilian Magic ascribed to the Sophron’s mime The women who say they are expelling the Goddess, which describes a purificatory rite performed to counteract the malign influences of a Goddess (perhaps hecate), or more probably a love charm to attract the lover, as in Theocritus, Id. 2 – this paper analyses briefly some evidences concerning dog’s sacrifices in Greek, Demotic and Coptic magical papyri.
Una lettera copta dal monastero di Anbā Hadrà presso Aswān
di Agostino Soldati pagine: 8 € 6,00
The article offers the edition of a Coptic private letter found during the excavations held by Ugo Monneret de Villard between 1924 and 1926 in the monastery of Anbā hadrà, Aswān. it is part of the Fondo Caetani kept in the Biblioteca dell’Accademia nazionale dei Lincei e Corsiniana. The text can be assigned to the 10th-11th century and exhibits some interesting dialectal features.
L’Égypte et la Nubie au tournant de la domination romaine: pour une lecture politique de la trilingue de Philae
di Silvia Bussi pagine: 19 € 6,00
This article deals with the very first period of the life of Egypt as a Roman province, and in particular with the political relationship established by the first Prefect of Egypt, Cornelius Gallus, with the nubian State. The analysis of the disgrace of Cornelius is conducted on a philological base and is focused on the Philae Stela, through a confrontation of the Latin, Greek and hieroglyphic texts. This text is presented as the clue to demonstrate that a change in the Augustus’ policy after 27 B.C. pushed him to eliminate Gallus, who had acted as a continuator of the Ptolemies in regulating diplomatic relations between Egypt and Nubia.
Missing Puzzle Pieces Found: Reconstructing a Sailing Ship Scene from Saqqara
di Christian Orsenigo pagine: 10 € 6,00
The paper presents some findings that have emerged from the analysis of photographs and additional notes concerning a dismantled mastaba known as Tomb 920 discovered by James E. Quibell in Saqqara in 1908. in particular, this contribution deals with a sailing ship scene that we were able to reconstruct in large part thanks to the identification of previously unknown fragments.
Sänbät-Sambḗthē. Un relitto di sincretismo antico presso i Betä Ǝsraʾel?
di Agostino Soldati pagine: 15 € 6,00
In this article I propose to trace out in the peculiar divinization of Sänbät worshipped by the Ethiopian Betä Ǝsra’el a relic of the ancient syncretic cult of Sambḗthē, widespread in whole Greek Orient.
Testi recentemente pubblicati
pagine: 30 € 6,00


La metafisica cristiana di Gustavo Bontadini
Giovedì 15 dicembre Leonardo Messinese presenta "Il filosofo e la fede" all'Università della Calabria.
Carlo Borgomeo alla Rai Sicilia
Il 19 dicembre l'autore di "Sud. Il capitale che serve" presenterà il suo libro.
Bombelli e Chiesi al Festival della Migrazione
Lunedì 12 dicembre la tavola rotonda a partire dal volume "Persone, spazi e complessità".
La ricetta perfetta per un Natale di libri
Cosa non può mancare in una ricetta natalizia? Zucchero? Farina? Cannella? Per noi non possono mancare i libri! Seguendo la nostra ricetta letteraria, troverai gli ingredienti segreti per una lettura o un regalo speciale.


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  • Cultura e storia
  • Filosofia morale
  • Grani di senape
  • Le nuove bussole
  • Metafisica e storia della metafisica
  • Pagine prime
  • Punti
  • Relazioni internazionali e scienza politica.ASERI
  • Sestante
  • Studi interdisciplinari sulla famiglia
  • Temi metafisici e problemi del pensiero antico
  • Transizioni
  • Varia. Saggistica
  • Scopri le altre Collane

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