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Fascicolo 2 - 2009
Editore Vita e Pensiero
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Editorial - Editoriale
di Edoardo Teodoro Brioschi pagine: 2 Scarica
L’influenza del ‘‘celebrity worship’’ sull’efficacia del ‘‘celebrity endorsement’’ in ambito sportivo
di Paola Bensi pagine: 28 € 6,00
The prevalence of celebrity adoration (celebrity worship) in modern societies is a direct product of mass media and communications. Children and adolescents often revere celebrities such as pop singers and sport fi gures. Especially in sport, there is a perception that spectators/viewers are confronted with real individuals participating in unpredictable contests; conversely in the cinematic and popular music industries, individual performers routinely adopt fi ctive identities within their primary performative realms. Celebrity worship is a form of parasocial relationship (i.e. an imaginary social relationship mediated by mass media), that can be an important mean for the maintenance of self-concept. Research in sports marketing also suggests that fans become loyal to a particular team because of the sense of identifi cation that they feel by associating themselves with the particular group. Because of the prevalence of celebrity adoration, the past two decades have seen a dramatic increase in the number and size of celebrity endorsement contracts to improve marketing effectiveness and persuasion in hopes that fans’ positive feelings toward a particular celebrity will transfer to the endorsed brand. This research examines the relationship between different levels of celebrity worship and the italian fans’ perception of sports celebrity’s personality traits, the total likibility toward a particular celebrity and the intention to purchase the merchandise of a celebrity.
Shifting media uses and gratifications among Singaporean teens and university students: a future ripe for mobile applications
di Steve M. Edwards, Carrie La Ferle pagine: 25 € 6,00
An exploratory study examining the various opportunities and challenges facing advertisers wanting to reach the teen and young adult segments of the future was undertaken in Singapore. Media patterns from traditional channels to the Internet and mobile phones were assessed to provide a context for the study. Beyond frequency of use, actual online and mobile phone activities were assessed. In the case of mobile phones, everything from talking on the phone and text messaging to receiving advertisements were examined. Implications for advertisers are discussed.
Italian young people’s attitudes toward product placement in movies: a cross-cultural comparison of product placement acceptability
di Roberto Paolo Nelli pagine: 28 € 6,00
Product placement in movies is a growing promotional area upon which much Italian academic and media attention has recently been focused. This paper reports the fi ndings of an exploratory quantitative study of the attitudes of 400 Italian college students toward product placement and their perceptions of the acceptability of this emerging promotional medium. The results of the survey indicate that while there are generally favourable attitudes toward product placement, product and gender have an impact on product placement acceptability. Comparisons to the previous American, Australian, Chinese, Austrian and French fi ndings show a similar pattern of individual influences on product placement perceptions.
An emic decoding of “li” in Chinese successful emotional advertisements
di Shengdong Lin pagine: 12 € 6,00
This paper conceptualizes Chinese “li”, which is often mistranslated as rationality in English. Western rationality, which is opposite to ego-focus emotionality, pays more attentions to logical reasoning and scientifi c methods. But Chinese li, which is supplemented with other-focus emotionality, attaches more importance to expressing clear virtue and investigating things to reach equilibrium. As an exploratory study, this paper validates three characteristics of li in Chinese successful emotional advertising. First, Chinese virtues are embedded. Second, the deep-seated meaning of advertisements can only be understood in the macro social contexts. Third, a life slice is often used to refl ect human natural disposition, which gets across the individual differences and touches the heart of Chinese consumers.
di Mattia Giovanardi pagine: 3 Scarica


Colpi sul muro dell'indifferenza
Un consiglio di lettura che tocca le pagine di Tomáš Halík e Simone Weil.
Un granello di bontà, speranza del mondo
Contro la tragedia della guerra, i soprusi dei potenti, la cattiveria di molti c'è la speranza della bontà, tra Grossman ed Esquirol.
Luigino Bruni, l’economista che salva le parole
Luigino Bruni, direttore scientifico di "The Economy of Francesco", l'economista attento alle parole giuste e al bene comune, risponde al nostro Questionario di Proust.
Le dolci potenti pagine della letteratura
Tolstoj, Dostoevskij e Melville: viaggio nella dolcezza inaspettata raccontata da Anne Dufourmantelle.


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