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di Edoardo Teodoro Brioschi pagine: 2 Scarica
La sensibilità della pubblicità ai cicli economici: il caso dell’Italia
di Paola Bensi pagine: 26 € 6,00
In the academic studies there is ample evidence that advertising expenditures correlate with macroeconomic growth, measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This paper explores the relationships between the main macroecomic variables – GDP, household final consumption expenditures and firms’ fixed material investment – and advertising expenditures for different media in Italy during the 1990-2010 period. In particular this paper analyses the cyclical sensitivity of advertising expenditures considering three economic recessions: advertising expenditures show a pro-cyclical trend with print media that, in this and other studies, suffers more during economic recessions than other media. The fact that advertising expenditures are related to the size of Italian economy, however, does not mean that a fixed proportion of GDP is spent on advertising. Confirming the argument presented in the literature review, this paper shows that the Principle of Relative Constancy does not hold for advertising expenditures.
Re-thinking the value of the brand in an interactive marketplace
di Don E. Schultz pagine: 28 € 6,00
Today’s interactive marketplace requires that brands be developed, managed and maintained in a different way. Brands are organizational assets that must be grown and maintained as shared, reciprocal values between the buyer and seller. Thus, branding is as much about organizational returns as it is about organizational investments. That means brand funding and brand returns- on-investments (ROI) must be based on a different view of the methodology and process. The measures must be financial, not attitudinal. This asset-based view of brands, along with a new outside-in planning model (SIVA) is presented along with several new models of financial brand management. The approach creates a true brand return-on- investment (ROI) approach that can be used in any market, by any brand based on knowledge the brand manager already has.
La comunicazione d’azienda come disciplina scientifica: un confronto tra la Scuola americana e la Scuola europea
di Edoardo Teodoro Brioschi, Rossella Chiara Gambetti pagine: 25 € 6,00
The study of the business communication has begun on the international level on the Fourties of the last century, while the debate about the rising of such a communication to a scientific discipline status dates back to the Eighties. To be observed that the development of business communication from that time up to the present has not been either uniform or consistent everywhere. There is therefore the exigence to deepen the study especially of two theoretical schools of this discipline: the American school – that is the leader in the field – and the European one that is interested by a progressive strengthening.
Green economy, immagine ed ecolusso: opportunità per la comunicazione
di Stefania M. Vitulli pagine: 27 € 6,00
After the advent of the revolution of green economy, eco-skeptics who discredit the value of investment in new, environmentally preferable products and technologies will miss out on a real source of innovation and competitive advantage. In this work, we examine the potential of environmental appeals and the opportunities for business communication and we show how environmentalism is embedded in the global culture. At first, throughout researches about sustainable companies, green consumers and green jobs. Then, focusing on the competitive advantage of eco-products in luxury brands, we will see how ecoluxury products may attract consumers more than luxury conventional ones and how communication may exploit superior performance, health and convenience benefits so to stress the reasons why consumers may buy luxury environmental products in the first place.
Strategie di ‘‘branding’’ e politiche di comunicazione delle aziende televisive nell’epoca del ‘‘multichannel’’
di Riccardo Galli pagine: 18 € 6,00
The article focuses on the recent changes in Italy’s tv market: the passage to digital terrestrial technology has led to the rise of “multichannel”, that is to say plenty of thematic channels, that can compete, on their whole, with the traditional generalist TV. This change has made necessary for the broadcasters to put in act two main competitive strategies: “product branding”, i.e. each channel is constructed as a brand which has its own characterization and refers to a specific target; and “corporate branding”, i.e. each channel belongs to a broadcasting system, whose features it reflects. These strategies have important infl uences on the communication of TV companies, which are analyzed also with reference to recent Italian case histories: Rai 4, Italia 2, Real Time.


Colpi sul muro dell'indifferenza
Un consiglio di lettura che tocca le pagine di Tomáš Halík e Simone Weil.
Un granello di bontà, speranza del mondo
Contro la tragedia della guerra, i soprusi dei potenti, la cattiveria di molti c'è la speranza della bontà, tra Grossman ed Esquirol.
Luigino Bruni, l’economista che salva le parole
Luigino Bruni, direttore scientifico di "The Economy of Francesco", l'economista attento alle parole giuste e al bene comune, risponde al nostro Questionario di Proust.
Le dolci potenti pagine della letteratura
Tolstoj, Dostoevskij e Melville: viaggio nella dolcezza inaspettata raccontata da Anne Dufourmantelle.


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