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Fascicolo 3 - 2017
Titolo STUDI DI SOCIOLOGIA - 2017 - 3
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Terzo fascicolo del 2017


New Perspectives in Internet Addiction. An Exploratory Study
di Dario Garcia Rodriguez, Juan Martinez Torvisco pagine: 14 € 6,00
The current study aims at a threefold purpose, develop an integrated questionnaire, generate a diagnostic and preventive scale that allows discriminating the addicts who are not, and yield an Internet addiction scale in young people. An on line cross-sectional survey consisting of two studies were carried out. First, one in which 196 people participated was conducted, 70 men and 126 women (age M=25.64; SD=7.24), and a second one in which 290 people, 102 men and 188 women (age M=25.78, SD=8.46) participated. Thus, a depurated 18-item scale presented α=.87 for the whole instrument to measure Internet addiction.
Generatività e cura. La responsabilità di essere qui
di Cristiana Ottaviano pagine: 19 € 6,00
The paper is focused on parenthood and generativity, considered above all as the capability to be responsible and grateful for having been created. Gratitude needs to be learned and deeply understood, in the same way that we can learn to live with our own limitations and vulnerability. To be born means to come from a fundamental encounter and to be in an interdependent relationship. Therefore, with a more profound examination, we can reconsider motherhood, emphasizing the historical and social function of women, while also reflecting on male identity and fatherhood. To insist on parenthood, care and vulnerability as human characteristics brings us to focus on a generative positioning, to educate and to live responsibly (as men and women, as family members, as well as our entire community). This relationship with others (autokoenomia) not only brings us understanding, but also allows us to exist.
Mutamento sociale e social work: nuove sfide per una professione
di Folco Cimagalli pagine: 14 € 6,00
The welfare state is undergoing a deep transformation. At the same time, the emerging social needs, the systems for the provision of services, the organisation modalities of services and the connections among the distribution bodies and the techniques used by the social work professionals are changing significantly. Within such changes is taking shape a potential misalignment among today’s new welfare trends and the theoretical knowledge, technical and relational expertise of the professionals in the social services. This paper highlights a number of tendencies in the context of today’s uncertain scenario. Among these must be stressed two dichotomous directions: that of a greater specialisation of knowledge and that of a renewed attention to the transversal nature of expertise.
Le «dimissioni protette» per persone senza dimora a Bologna. Un case study sull’integrazione socio-sanitaria per la povertà estrema
di Alberto Ardissone pagine: 16 € 6,00
In a clinical and societal background increasingly permeated with the importance of health and social care integration, the essay aims at studying its relevance in relation to two underrepresented issues: poverty and target size. As a matter of fact, usually integration is related to chronicity and elderly, while poverty is less analyzed in current literature, while, among the barriers, target size has not yet been considered like other key factors. The essay presents a case study carried out through 25 interviews to key-actors. The project analyzed, briefly named «assisted discharge», implemented in Bologna, is the result of a coordinated program among the local Municipality and the Social and Health Care District of the city and can be defined a best practice in the field of welfare policies. It is addressed to homeless when discharged by local hospitals, in order to guaranteeing them with a seamless cure in a safer place. As outcome, the research does not allow to acquire a clear result about size relevance, while contributing to stress the importance of shared purposes among operators and institutional levels and the relevance of the third sector.
Conformismo, inconsapevolezza e desiderio di denaro in adolescenza: riflessioni a partire dai risultati di una ricerca partecipata sul rapporto tra adolescenti e gioco d’azzardo
di Anna Zenarolla pagine: 16 € 6,00
The article presents a reflection about the main results of the survey called «Teenagers on game» carried out by the Caritas of Friuli Venezia Giulia in 2014 in order to capture the knowledge and the spread of gambling among teenagers and their opinions on this phenomenon. The study began as a workshop of a methodology of social research in three classrooms of a high school in Udine and has turned into a real participatory research which saw, in six months, a growing number of students take the field to complete the questionnaire constructed with the students of the three initial classes to other kids, their friends and acquaintances. Student participation grew beyond all expectations. Overall, the collected questionnaires were 1.936 of which 865 administered in class by professional researchers and 1.071 administered by students to other students. This experience seems worthy of attention not only for the results but also for the research methodology and success obtained with adolescents.


Onorevole ministra: la presentazione a Roma
Il 2 dicembre la presentazione del libro di Walter Ricciardi.
Cristianesimo: il coraggio di cambiare, con Halík
Tour italiano del teologo ceco autore di "Pomeriggio del cristianesimo", da Milano a Roma (dal 29 novembre al 2 dicembre).
La ricetta perfetta per un Natale di libri
Cosa non può mancare in una ricetta natalizia? Zucchero? Farina? Cannella? Per noi non possono mancare i libri! Seguendo la nostra ricetta letteraria, troverai gli ingredienti segreti per una lettura o un regalo speciale.
Il cristianesimo di Bontadini a Bari e Perugia
Le due presentazioni del volume di Leonardo Messinese "Il filosofo e la fede. Il cristianesimo 'moderno' di Gustavo Bontadini.


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  • Pagine prime
  • Punti
  • Relazioni internazionali e scienza politica.ASERI
  • Sestante
  • Studi interdisciplinari sulla famiglia
  • Temi metafisici e problemi del pensiero antico
  • Transizioni
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