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The association between psychological type profile and church attendance among female Italian students: A challenge to sociological theories?
di Leslie J. Francis, Giuseppe Giordan pagine: 14 € 6,00
Since the early 1990s psychological theories have argued not only that differences in levels of religiosity between men and women can be accounted for by basic personality factors, but that differences in levels of religiosity within men and women can be accounted for by the same basic personality factors. This thesis is tested among a sample of female sociology students among whom 91 attended church at least monthly and 149 never attended church, employing psychological type theory and the Francis Psychological Type Scales. The data demonstrated a significantly higher proportion of feeling types among the monthly churchgoers. This finding supports the psychological theory and questions the need for sociological theories to account for sex differences in religiosity.
Il capitalismo estetico
di Vanni Codeluppi pagine: 11 € 6,00
Georg Simmel believed that the true nature of modern societies could only be grasped if one had a thorough understanding of the social sphere of aesthetics. In other words, the social system could be effectively interpreted by analysing the way in which artistic languages are applied on a daily basis to many different forms of expression (such as fashion, design, advertising and so on). If this was true during the age of Simmel then it is all the more true today, when the immaterial components of the economy and society have undergone more than a century of development. This paper will analyse the social role played by aesthetic dimension. It will put forward the thesis that from this point of view the Seventies were a particularly crucial moment and that this period changed our perception of goods.
Riconfigurazioni identitarie nei contesti urbani degradati: discontinuità e riflessività
di Lorenzo Ferrante pagine: 20 € 6,00
What significance do in the degraded urban contexts the moments of bifurcation, discontinuities, unexpected events occurring in the lives of individuals? This paper summarizes a research focused on how individuals, depending on their own reflexivity, use their educational resources and social capital to face moments when unexpected discontinuity in everyday life implies a change in the course of life.
Giovani albanesi e marocchini a confronto sui riferimenti culturali d’origine e italiani, fondamentali per la loro costruzione identitaria
di Vittorio Lannutti pagine: 16 € 6,00
The article is the result of an exploratory research, carried out through semi-structured interviews, involving 30 teenagers, of whom 15 are of Albanian origin and 15 of Moroccan origin. The framework of the research is the recent escalation of discriminatory attitudes of many areas both of politics and of the mass media and as a consequence of the autochthonous people, following the recent attacks in the Central-Northern Europe. The aim of the research was to analyze from a comparative perspective how family dynamics, origin and Italian values, the comparison with Italian reality affect the identity building path of these youth in light of the segmented assimilation theory. It emerged a clear difference in the perception of discrimination, mostly suffered by the Moroccan group.
Strategie di controllo del corpo: la campagna per il Fertility Day
di Maria Angela Polesana pagine: 23 € 6,00
In 2016, the Italian Ministry of Health launched a media campaign to raise public awareness on fertility due to its constant decline across the Italian population. The thirteen digital ads created for Fertility Day and disseminated online give us the opportunity to critically address the still widespread concept of the female body (despite the achievements of the feminist movement) as an «object» upon which others make decisions and intervene, as if the female sex should only be regarded as a secure source of nurturing, making personal sacrifices, surrendering to the will of others and being obedient. All these features suggest a weakness in the principle of self-determination which, while acknowledged by society and the state, in actual fact is only meant to conceal a perennial condition of significant disparity. Gender is therefore instrumental in enhancing the value of ritualized habits that are reinforced by institutions and society. These power mechanisms, according to Foucault, constantly «act» on the human body and on the female body in particular.
Il contributo dei sociologi classici negli studi sulla comunicazione
di Rosario Ponziano pagine: 19 € 6,00
Communication is central to our daily lives and is the core of the network of relationships among people. As such it is for sociology a key issue in that broad debate that seeks to define the diverse and complex changes of social reality. Starting from the assumption that communication is one of the constituent dimensions of social relations, the thesis argued in this paper is that in the theories developed by the founding fathers of sociology, we can trace ideas and conceptualizations on which, from the beginning of the twentieth century, the most important theories on communication and the media have been founded, and through which, among other things, it’s possible to understand the latest transformations generated by the advent of digital and network technologies.

Analisi d'opere (on line)

Analisi d’opere (on line)
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