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The Social Generative Action of the Third Sector

The Social Generative Action of the Third Sector
Titolo The Social Generative Action of the Third Sector
Sottotitolo Comparing International Experiences
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Argomenti Società, media, famiglia, lavoro Sociologia
Collana Ricerche. Sociologia
Formato Libro
Pagine 320
Pubblicazione 2009
ISBN 9788834317501
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The Social Generative Action of the Third Sector. Comparing International Experiences Pdf
formato: Ebook | editore: Vita e Pensiero | anno: 2012
Anno: 2012
This book highlights the most recent social, cultural and institutional developments of the third sector in Europe and the US
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This book highlights the most recent social, cultural and institutional developments of the third sector in Europe and the US. It is an inter-disciplinary text, which convenes the contribution of scholars belonging to different areas in the social science sphere (sociologists, political scientists, jurists).
Particularly, the focus is to evaluate the role of different agents, relationships and social policies not just from a service provision perspective but also in their true impact in shaping the society as a whole, while trying to address its most crucial needs.
Furthermore, the presentation of the main and most recent empirical evidences from different contexts stimulates some very useful remarks about the current and perspective situation at a global level. The book is divided into three parts: the first one puts in comparison different theoretical approaches towards the definition and the interpretation of the third sector.
The second set of chapters may be considered an attempt to understand more in depth the profound inter-connections between third sector organizations and other actors in the welfare system, by analyzing significant experiences from different European countries.
The third part of the book contains the report of a number of different researches, in the attempt to validate what previously debated from a theoretical point of view.

Biografia degli autori

Helmut K. Anheier is Professor of Sociology, Heidelberg University, Academic Director of the Center for Social Investment and Professor of Sociology. His work has focused on civil society, organizational studies, globalization, comparative methodology, and policy analysis. He is author of over 300 publications, including over thirty authored and edited books.

Giovanna Rossi is Full Professor of Sociology of the Family at the Catholic University of Milan, where she also serves as Secretary of the Athenaeum Centre for Family Studies and Research. She is Coordinator of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Sociology Association (AIS) – Division of Social Policy. She has joined the scientific committees of several sociological journals and is the editor of the journal «Politiche sociali e servizi» (Social policies and services).

Lucia Boccacin is Professor of Sociology of the Third Sector at the Catholic University of Milan. She is author of several publications concerning the third sector, the social policy for the human services, the social capital and the family, the social partnerships.


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